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A Quick Guide On How To Use MortBuzz EMI Calculators & Financial Tools

EMI Calculator

1. how to use MortBuzz EMI Calculator in 5 easy steps

Step 0 – click on desktop or mobile view from above


Step 1 –  Click on “calculate EMI” under EMI Calculator


Step 2 – EMI Calculator will be opened, Now select the type of loan you are looking to calculate like personal loan, home loan or loan against property. Ex. Home loan


Step 3 – Enter interest rate that you want to calculate for Ex. 8.5 (%)


Step 4 – Enter the loan amount that you are looking for Ex. 1,00,00,000


Step 5 – Select the loan tenure you are looking to calculate Ex. 10 (years).


Now simply click on Calculate EMI, you will get Loan EMI, Total Interest Payable and Total Payment (Principal + Interest)

You can also view Principal, Interest, total payment and remaining balance in terms of months and years.

compare EMI

2. how to use MortBuzz Compare EMI tool

Step 1 –  Click on “Compare EMI” under Compare EMI


Step 2 – EMI Comparison tool will be opened, Now select the interest rates, loan amounts and loan tenure for the loans you want to compare


Step 3 – Click on compare EMI, the 2 EMI’s will be compared with details like EMI, Month, Principal, Interest, total payment & remaining balance

3. how to use MortBuzz CIBIL Based ROI tool

Step 1 –  Click on “Check ROI” under CIBIL Based ROI


Step 2 -CIBIL Based ROI tool will be opened, Now select the type of loan and enter your CIBIL score


Step 3 – Click on Calculate you will get estimated interest rates and the bank that you can apply loan with like Axis Bank, State Bank Of India, IDBI Bank, HDFC Bank etc.

emi calculator

4. how to use MortBuzz Eligibility Checker tool (COMING SOON)

Step 1 –  Click on “Check Eligibility” under Eligibility Checker


Step 2 – Now enter some basic information such as CIBIL score, age, income, employment type and current on-going loan(s)


Step 3 – Click on check eligibility and it will show you if you are eligible for loan, what type loan you are eligible for and amount of loan you can aquire.

Frequently asked questions

What is an EMI Calculator and how does it work?

An EMI Calculator is a tool that helps you estimate your Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) for loans. You input the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate, and it computes your monthly payments.

How can I use the EMI Calculator to estimate my monthly payments?
  • Simply input the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate into the EMI Calculator. It will then provide you with an estimate of your monthly payments.
Can the EMI Calculator provide results for loan against property, personal and home loans?

Yes, the EMI Calculator can provide estimates for loan against property, personal and home loans.

How accurate are the results from the EMI Calculator?

The results from our EMI Calculator are highly accurate, providing you with a close estimate of your monthly payments. But we will recommend getting advice from a actual financial expert along with this tools.

Can I compare EMIs for different loan amounts and tenures using the EMI Calculator?

Yes, you can compare EMIs for different loan amounts and tenures by adjusting the inputs in the EMI Calculator.

Is there a maximum loan amount or tenure limit for the EMI Calculator?

Our EMI Calculator does not have a maximum limit for loan amounts or tenures.

Does the EMI Calculator account for changes in interest rates over time?

No, the EMI Calculator provides estimates based on the current interest rate you input.

Can I factor in prepayments or part payments in the EMI calculation?

Our EMI Calculator does not currently factor in prepayments or part payments.

How frequently is the EMI Calculator updated with current interest rates?

Our EMI Calculator is updated regularly to reflect changes in interest rates inputs given by the user. the ROI (rate of interest) is given by the user.

How does MortBuzz's EMI comparison tool work?

MortBuzz's EMI comparison tool allows users to input loan details such as amount, interest rate, and tenure to compare EMIs across different loan options. It provides a clear overview of monthly payments for 2 different loan amount and/or interest rates, helping users make informed decisions.

Why should I use MortBuzz's EMI comparison tool?

Our EMI comparison tool simplifies the process of comparing loan options by providing accurate calculations and clear results, saving you time and effort in finding the best loan for your needs.

How accurate is the EMI comparison tool in predicting monthly payments?

Our EMI comparison tool uses precise mathematical formulas to calculate monthly payments based on the provided loan details. While it provides accurate estimates, actual EMIs may vary slightly due to factors like taxes and additional fees.

Does the EMI comparison tool consider additional fees and charges?

No, our EMI comparison tool does not takes into account any additional fees and charges associated with the loan.

Is the EMI comparison tool accessible on mobile devices?

Absolutely! Our EMI calculator and financial tools is optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to conveniently compare loan options on the go. Just click financial tools for mobile view above.

What role does CIBIL score play in determining my loan's interest rate?

CIBIL score serves as a crucial factor in determining the interest rate for your loan. Higher scores generally lead to lower interest rates.

How often does MortBuzz update its interest rates based on CIBIL scores?

MortBuzz regularly reviews and updates its interest rates based on market conditions and changes in credit scores.

Are there any discounts or offers available for customers with excellent CIBIL scores?

Yes, Loan providers may offer special discounts or offers for customers with excellent CIBIL scores.

Will a low CIBIL score automatically result in a higher interest rate on my loan?

A low CIBIL score may result in a higher interest rate, but other factors are also considered in determining the rate.

What is a loan eligibility checker?

A loan eligibility checker is an online tool that helps you determine your likelihood of being approved for a loan based on your financial information.

How does MortBuzz's loan eligibility checker work?

Our loan eligibility checker evaluates your financial details, such as income, credit score, and existing debts, to assess your eligibility for various loan products.

What factors does affect my eligibility for loan?

Factors such as income, age, employment, past loan history and net worth might be taken into consideration when determining my eligibility.

where is MortBuzz located at & how can i get in Contact with MortBuzz?

MortBuzz is located at - Mortbuzz Solution Pvt. Ltd. 2 nd Floor, Mahadik House, Pune, Maharashtra - 411028.

you can contact us by visiting here or message us on instagram